The human sex ratio at birth (SRB) and frequency of twinning are demographic parameters that vary among populations. Aretrospective study was carried out to investigate the trend of SRB, as well as twinning rate in Ibadan, Nigeria. Data on sexeso...

Feed utilization and growth performance of cockerels fed with soldier ants (Dorylusspp Fabricius) as protein source

Lawal, O. A., Owagboriaye, F. O., Aina, S. A. Kalejaye, S. Adegbite, J. A.

The study was conducted to evaluate the effects of soldier ant as dietary supplements on the growth performance of cockerels. Two hundred cockerels of Nera white strain (aged 6 weeks) were randomly assigned into 5 dietary treatmentsin a completely...

Comparison of cranial and body morphology of tree squirrels (Helioscurius rufobranchium) in selected locations of rainforest in Nigeria

Bamidele, A. O. and Akinpelu, A. I.

This study examined the differences in cranial morphology of tree squirrel species (Heliosciurus rufobranchium) from four different locations in rainforest part of Nigeria. Locally fabricated live traps made o...

Histological, microbiological, physicochemical and heavy metals evaluation of effluent from Kara Cow Market, Ogun State, Nigeria in guppy fish (Poecilia reticulata)

Sogbanmu, T. O., * Sosanwo, A. A. and Ugwumba, A. A. A.

The Ogun River is a sink for untreated effluents discharged from the Kara Cow Market, Ogun State. In this study, microbiological, physicochemical and heavy metals evaluation were carried out on effluent from the market...

Low levels of heavy metals in shrimps (Decapoda:  Atyidae) from Omodo River in southern Nigeria

Dirisu, A. R. *

Shrimps remain an important source of proteins worldwide. The contamination of the environments with effluence such as from domestic, healthcare systems, industrial waste discharges and agricultural run-offs; are posin...

Growth performance of broiler chickens based on grasshopper meal inclusions in feed formulation

Amobi, M. I.,* Saleh, A., Okpoko, V. O. and Abdullahi, A. M.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential benefits of substituting dietary fish meal with grasshopper meal on the growth performance of broiler chickens. The study was carried out in a mini-animal house of the Department of Biolog...

Abundance and nesting sites characteristics of red-headed picathartes Picathartes oreas in Cross River State, Nigeria

Abatcha, M. and Odewumi, O. S.

This study assessed the abundance and nesting sites characteristics of red-headed picathartes (Picathartes oreas) in protected and unprotected forest in Cross River State, from August 2016 to January 2017. Data were collected through oral...

Diversity and abundance of cichlids in Ikere Gorge Reservoir, Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria

Ajagbe, S. O., Ajagbe, R. O., Ariwoola, O. S., Abdulazeez, F. I., Oyewole, O. O., Ojubolamo, M. T., Olomola, A. O., Oyekan, O. O. and Oke, O. S.

Cichlids are highly abundant and commercially important fish in freshwater ecosystems in Nigeria. This study examined the diversity and abundance of cichlids in Ikere Gorge Reservoir. Four fishing villages were randomly selected from 12 fishing vi...

Population density dynamics of Pachymelania byronensis (Wood, 1828) (Gastropoda: Thiaridae) in the Cross River, Nigeria

King, R. P. and Akpan, B. E.

The ecology of an exploited population of the commercially important molluscan species, Pachymelania byronensis (Wood, 1828) was studied (January-December, 2018) in the lower Cross River, Nigeria, using density [number per hectare (N. ha<.../>

Effects of collection zones and storage on hatchability and survival of feral helmeted guineafowl (Numida meleagris galleata pallas) eggs

Yusuf, A. A.,3 Jayeola, O. A.,1 Osunsina, I. O. O.,1 and Dedeke, G. A.

The desire to shore up the shortfall in protein supply, the increased awareness of the importance of cholesterol free
animal protein, like guineafowl, and the need to conserve their wild genes, have necessitated studies on improved

Quality assessment of some commercially produced animal feeds and two native forages in southern Nigeria

Onyagbodor, O. P. * and Oyedeji, J. O.

Samples of broiler starter feed, grower mash, broiler finisher feed and layers mash were collected from three commercial feed manufacturers and were coded commercial feed A (CFA), commercial feed B (CFB) and commercial feed C (CFC). The proximate...

Assessment of the incidence of microplastics at Ndibe, Cross River, Nigeria

Nwonumara, G. N. *, Okoro, P. O. and Okogwu, O. I.

The menace of microplastics in the aquatic ecosystems is of increasing concern worldwide mainly due to their impact on the entire ecosystem and human health. In order to contribute to knowledge, the incidence of microplastics in water and fish sam...

Population dynamics of the mona monkey, Cercopithecus mona (Schreber, 1774) and anthropogenic threats in selected areas of Lagos State, Nigeria

Olaleru, F. *, Emmanuel, M. M., Agbaosi, J. S., Agidi, H. C. and Tijani, O. F.

The mona monkey (Cercopithecus mona) is the major non-human primate adapted to swamp forests that characterizes Lagos State. It is useful in ecological services as seed disperser and reforestation. Efforts to legally conserve this species have bee...

Comparison of avian species diversity and abundance in relation to habitat
structure: toward using birds as indicators of ecosystem health at zone 8, Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria

Tanko, D *., Okwu, N. S., Kachi, J. B. and Adejoh, B.

Avian species in relation to plant community can be used to determine the health status of the ecosystem. Habitat destruction can lead to extinction of many bird species as well as other plant communities. The study was conducted for three (3) mon...

The use of myths and taboos in wildlife conservation: The case of Bayelsa-East Senatorial District of Nigeria

Ihinmikaiye, S. O. *, Ochekwu, E. B.  and Ojo, V. I.

The use of myths and taboos in species conservation represent a sustainable in situ means to wildlife protection. This study examined the role of taboos (traditional laws) in wildlife conservation within Bayelsa-East Senatorial District....

The zooplankton and environmental characteristics of Yardantsi Reservoir,
Gusau, Nigeria

Jabbi, A. M. * and Isah, B.

Zooplankton play an important role in the faunal biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems as they assist in transferring algal energy to higher trophic levels through grazing and also eliminate harmful algae from water. The zooplankton and environmental...

Ethnobotanical study of plants used for treating intestinal worms in Ibadan,

Afolayan, F. I. D. * and Sowemimo, R.

Poverty and poor sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa are the main reasons for parasitic infection prevalence. Medicinal herbs have been sources of natural and cheaper remedies for the treatment of many parasitic infections, including intestinal paras...

The physico-chemical variables and phytoplankton of Ufiobodo and Ebonyi
Reservoirs, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Nwonumara, G. N.* Elebe, F. A. and Nwibo, O. D.

The water quality and phytoplankton of Ufiobodo and Ebonyi River reservoirs were studied for nine months from March to November, 2019 to evaluate the suitability of the reservoirs for domestic water supply and habitat for aquatic organisms. Temper...

Nutritional and socio-economic analyses of processed catfish (Clarias gariepinus) using three kilns in Lagos State, Nigeria

Ogunbambo, M.M.*, Akapo K.M. and Chetuya O.G.

Smoke-drying is a major way of processing catfish and this prompted the study of nutritional and socio-economic assessment of smoke-dried catfish in Makoko fish market in Lagos State, Nigeria. Standard methods were utilised for the analyses of pro...