Aspects of the growth and reproductive characteristics of Labeo coubie
(Ruppell 1832) in Upper Benue River, Nigeria

Ajijola, K. O. *, Ugwumba, A.A.A. and Sogbesan, O. A.

Labio coubie is an ecologically and economically important fish of River Benue, thus the length-weight relationship, condition factor and fecundity of the fish were investigated in order to provide information essential for its sustainabl...

Quality assessment of smoke-dried Clarias gariepinus and Chrysichthys
nigrodigitatus stored in two storage facilities

Osibona, A. O.* and Amaechi, C.

The quality of smoke-dried fish can be enhanced by storing the products in good storage facilities. This research was carried out to determine the proximate composition, microbiological quality and sensory properties of smoke-dried Clarias gar...

Nutritional and socio-economic analyses of processed catfish (Clarias gariepinus) using three kilns in Lagos State, Nigeria

Ogunbambo, M.M.*, Akapo K.M. and Chetuya O.G.

Smoke-drying is a major way of processing catfish and this prompted the study of nutritional and socio-economic assessment of smoke-dried catfish in Makoko fish market in Lagos State, Nigeria. Standard methods were utilised for the analyses of pro...

Diversity, distribution and abundance of fish species in Lake Asejire, Oyo
State, Nigeria

Ipinmoroti, M. O.* and Iyiola, A. O.

Aquatic systems in Nigeria have suffered stress induced by human activities which alter the natural composition of the water resources. This study investigated the diversity, distribution and abundance of fish species in Lake Asejire. The lake was...

The physico-chemical variables and phytoplankton of Ufiobodo and Ebonyi
Reservoirs, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Nwonumara, G. N.* Elebe, F. A. and Nwibo, O. D.

The water quality and phytoplankton of Ufiobodo and Ebonyi River reservoirs were studied for nine months from March to November, 2019 to evaluate the suitability of the reservoirs for domestic water supply and habitat for aquatic organisms. Temper...

Ethnobotanical study of plants used for treating intestinal worms in Ibadan,

Afolayan, F. I. D. * and Sowemimo, R.

Poverty and poor sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa are the main reasons for parasitic infection prevalence. Medicinal herbs have been sources of natural and cheaper remedies for the treatment of many parasitic infections, including intestinal paras...

Bacterial assessment of smoke-dried fishes sold at three landing market sites
in Anambra State, Nigeria

Edeh, I. C.*, Nsofor, C. I., Ikechukwu, C. C., Olisa, C. S., Afoemezie, P. I. and ChidubemNwachinemere, N. O.

The study focused on the bacteriological profile of four different smoke-dried fishes Clarias gariepinus (CG),Oreochromis niloticus (ON), Malapterurus electricus (ME), and Citharinus citharus (CC) sold at three...

The zooplankton and environmental characteristics of Yardantsi Reservoir,
Gusau, Nigeria

Jabbi, A. M. * and Isah, B.

Zooplankton play an important role in the faunal biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems as they assist in transferring algal energy to higher trophic levels through grazing and also eliminate harmful algae from water. The zooplankton and environmental...