Insectary maintenance of Anopheles gambiae (Dipteran, Culicidae): First instar (L1) larvae depicts the accuracy of a pyrethroid insecticide, for malaria control

Okoh, F. N.*, Odikamnoro, O. O. and Nzei, J. I.

Malaria is a tropical disease responsible for the death of hundreds of children daily. Effort geared at eliminating the vector that transmit the causative agent are likely to reduce the incidence of malaria and consequent deaths. This study aims t...

Amphibian diversity in urban and peri-urban landscapes of Benin City, a
Southern Nigerian City in the rainforest biotope

Ijie, M. E. , Alari, E. O. , Ogoanah, S. O.* and Aisien, M. S. O.

Benin City, the capital of Edo State of Nigeria has undergone tremendous changes in recent times, especially with the aggressive rate of urbanisation in the last two decades. This has invariably resulted in habitat loss and fragmentation for the a...

Assessment of the incidence of microplastics at Ndibe, Cross River, Nigeria

Nwonumara, G. N. *, Okoro, P. O. and Okogwu, O. I.

The menace of microplastics in the aquatic ecosystems is of increasing concern worldwide mainly due to their impact on the entire ecosystem and human health. In order to contribute to knowledge, the incidence of microplastics in water and fish sam...

Fish types, breeding grounds and migratory routes in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Okogwu, O. I*, Elebe, F. A. and Nwonumara, G. N.

Akwa Ibom State is one of the six maritime states in Nigeria and has a shoreline of approximately 129km. Three important rivers (Cross, Imo and Kwa Ibo) transiting through some Nigerian states, terminally pass through the state before discharging...

Quality assessment of some commercially produced animal feeds and two native forages in southern Nigeria

Onyagbodor, O. P. * and Oyedeji, J. O.

Samples of broiler starter feed, grower mash, broiler finisher feed and layers mash were collected from three commercial feed manufacturers and were coded commercial feed A (CFA), commercial feed B (CFB) and commercial feed C (CFC). The proximate...

Implications of ecological parameters on earthworm diversity and abundance
in southwestern Nigeria

Aladesida, A. A.* and Owa, S. O.

A survey on the diversity and abundance of earthworms in southwestern Nigeria was carried out. Earthworm and soil samples
were collected from thirty different locations within the sub-region. Earthworms were identified and soil samples were a...

Comparative study of fasting blood glucose and haematological parameters of Wistar rat, Rattus norvegicus and the common African toad, Bufo regulars

Isehunwa, G. O.*, Adenuga, A. M. and Alada, A. R. A.

Haematological parameters are good indicators of the physiological status of animals and useful in understanding the
relationship of blood to the environment. This study was carried out to compare the fasting levels of blood glucose and

Seasonal and spatial occurrence of plankton and environmental variables in
Ogun coastal water on the Bight of Benin

Ojelade O. C.*, Omoniyi, I. T., Abdul, W. O. and Arowosegbe

The influence of environmental variables on the seasonal and spatial distribution of plankton was studied for 24 months between February 2015 and January 2017 in the marine coastal water of Ogun State, Nigeria. The coastline was stratified into th...

Heavy metals concentrations in water, sediment, water hyacinth (Eichhornia
crassipes) and Frillfin Goby (Bathygobius soporator, Cuvier and Valenciennes,
1837) from Ologe Lagoon, Southwest, Nigeria

Ndimele, P. E.* and Owodeinde, F. G.

The level of heavy metals in water, sediment, water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and frillfin goby (Bathygobius soporator) from Ologe Lagoon and its tributaries were monitored because of the importance of the water bodies to t...