Efficacy of single-dose praziquantel on infection and morbidity of Schistosoma haematobium in Ijoun, Yewa North LGA, Ogun State, Nigeria

Salami, J., Oyeyemi, O. T., Morenikeji, O. A., Hassan, A. A., Nwuba, R. I., Anumudu, C, I., Jegede, A. S. and Odaibo, A. B.


The study assessed the efficacy of drug therapy on infection due to Schistosoma haematobium and associated indicators of infection among school children in Yewa North Local Government Area (LGA), Ogun State, Nigeria. Fresh...

Perceived public health effects of occupational and residential exposure to electronic wastes in Lagos, Nigeria

Alabi, O. A. and Bakare, A. A.

High levels of environmental contamination can occur from e-waste processing, putting workers and residents in surrounding areas at risk as they are likely to be exposed to complex mixtures of unknown toxicity. This study was aimed at assessing th...

Feed utilization and growth performance of cockerels fed with soldier ants (Dorylusspp Fabricius) as protein source

Lawal, O. A., Owagboriaye, F. O., Aina, S. A. Kalejaye, S. Adegbite, J. A.

The study was conducted to evaluate the effects of soldier ant as dietary supplements on the growth performance of cockerels. Two hundred cockerels of Nera white strain (aged 6 weeks) were randomly assigned into 5 dietary treatmentsin a completely...

Pattern of parasitic infections in anurans from a mangrove community of the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Aisien, M. S. O., Uwagbae, M., Edo-Taiwo, O., Imasuen, A.A. and Ovwah, E.

Helminth parasites of anurans from Ijala Ikeren, a mangrove-contiguous community, in the Niger Delta of Nigeria were
investigated. A total of 76 anurans belonging to 4 families, 5 genera and 9 species were examined and they include

Forest degradation and its impact on anuran diversity and abundance in Arun Owun, Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria

Onadeko, A. B.

The effects of vegetation degradation on the abundance and diversity of anuran species were investigated in Arun Owun, Delta State. Combinations of visual encounter survey (VES) and acoustic encounter survey (AES) were conducted to estimate the lo...

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in earthworms collected from abattoir soilsin Abeokuta, south-western Nigeria

Owagboriaye, F. O., Dedeke, G. A., Ademolu, K. O. and Adebambo, O. A.

Activities in abattoirs and direct release of its waste into the environment are on the increase due to high protein demand in the country; and there is a need for proper assessment of abattoir soil for pollution. This study evaluated bioaccumulat...

A review of the effects of dams on the hydrology, water quality and invertebrate fauna of some Nigerian freshwaters

Akindele, E. O.1 and Indabawa, I. I.

In this paper, the effects of dams on the hydrology, water quality and invertebrate fauna of some Nigerian inland waters were reviewed. The freshwaters considered include Awba Reservoir (Oyo State), Shiroro Lake (Kaduna State), Moro Lake(Kwara Sta...

Prevalence of helminth partasites in rainbow lizard, Agama agama L. (Squamata: Agamidae) in Nsugbe, Anambra State, NIGERIA

Nwadike, C. C. and Ilozumba, P. C. O.

The study was under taken to determine the prevalence of helminthiasis in the rainbow lizard, Agama agama, in Nsugbe, Anambra State, NIGERIA. Two hundred and fifty lizards comprised of 160 males and 90 females, 191 adult and 59 juvenile were caugh...

Parasitic infections in African pangolin (Manis temminckii) from Edo State, southern NIGERIA

Ugiagbe, N. S. and Awharitoma, A. O.

Pangolins are anteaters and they play important roles in regulating ant and termite levels in the ecosystem. They have been reported as useful tools in traditional medicine as well as host to parasites that can cause diseases in humans. Market-der...

Heavy metal contaminants in Malapterurus electricus (Gmeli, 1789), Tilapia zillii (Gervais, 1848) and water from Ikpoba Reservoir, Benin City, NIGERIA

Wangboje, O. M. and Ekundayo, O. T.

The study was carried out to evaluate the potential health risk associated with the consumption of fish and water from the Ikpoba Reservoir, with regard to heavy metal contamination. The concentrations of some heavy metals, Manganese (Mn),Zinc (Zn...

Geohelminth contamination of fruits and vegetables cultivated on land irrigated with waste-water in Gusau Local Government Area, Zamfara State, NIGERIA

Nasiru, M., Auta, T. and Bawa, J. A

The study assessed the contamination of Amaranthus cruentus (green), Lactuca sativa (lettuce), Corchorus olitorius (tossa jute), Lycopersicon esculentum (tomatoes), Capsicum annuum (Chilli pepper) and

Entomological and parasitological indices of malaria transmission in Tungan-Goro and Gbaiko communities in Minna, Niger State, NIGERIA

Omalu, I. C. J., Olayemi, I. K., Otuu, C. A., Eke, S. S., Hassan, S. C. and Uzoaga, G. O.

In NIGERIA, malaria is highly prevalent, most especially in Minna, Niger State. This study was carried out to determine the entomological and parasitological indices of malaria transmission in two communities, namely, Tungangoro and Gbaiko inMinna...